60% of Amazon Customers Shopped From a Mobile Device This Holiday

Over the holiday season Amazon just released some of their numbers. And 60% of their customers bought at least one item from their smartphone or tablet. More and more people are realizing the convenience and true value mobile shopping gives them. One of the most valuable things us as humans have is time. And anytime you can save time you bring tremendous value. And that is exactly what mobile is doing. No need to wait in long lines or drive to the store.

To give you a sense of how mobile crazy their customers were over the holidays, on Cyber Monday customers were buying 18 toys per second. That is quite the impressive number and will only continue to grow.

Mobile Accounts for 30% Of Online Black Friday Sales

Black Friday was another huge hit for stores all over the nation. There were many people waiting in lines outside but increasingly more people decided to shop online instead. There was a 20% increase in online sales on Black Friday than last year. Out of all the online sales, 30% came from mobile.

These numbers will only continue to increase since mobile shopping is far more convenient. Not having to deal with big crowds and going out in cold weather is a big factor. Especially up here in Minnesota where it was below zero outside, bur! It is much more convenient, especially for all the travelers who were traveling over the holiday. And for those who stayed inside it was much more comfortable shopping from your warm home on the couch instead.

More and more retailers are going to push for online sales with such strong numbers. More specifically the increase in mobile shopping. This is definitely something companies should focus on to have an even greater success on Black Friday.

Use The Correct Keyboards

Far too often websites use the incorrect keyboards for their forms. That is a result of poor development. Not only is it a bad habit some developers have but it also causes a bad experience for their users.

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Pocket Scale 1.3

Pocket Scale 1.3 has just been released with support for larger displays on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Health App syncing, and new sounds.

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#BlurBox Instagram Photos Of The Week

Here are this week’s #BlurBox Instagram photos of the week. To enter simply use the hashtag #BlurBox and upload a photo that was created using Blur Box.

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Smartphone Market Continues To Grow

Counterpoint’s latest research shows 87 percent of US handsets are smartphones. In Q1 2014 87 percent of upgrades were smartphones. That’s a growth of 7 percent from last year. The most devices sold were by Samsung. However the most smartphones sold were by Apple.

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Introducing Blur Box

Today we are proud to announce our second app Blur Box.

With Blur Box you can create beautiful square photos that are perfectly fit for your Instagram feed. There’s no need to remove people or crop away any part of your great shots. Choose from light or dark blurred letterboxing that extends the photo and all of its colors.

Introducing Pocket Scale

Today we are proud to announce our first app Pocket Scale.

Pocket Scale is a super quick and easy weight tracker app. Simply tap the main circle, slide over to your weight, then press the circle again to save it and you are done! Pocket Scale will take care of the rest. You can also view your BMI, total weight lost or gained, and your history to see your progress.

Motivation Monday #1

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

So many people dread Mondays. Our goal for Motivation Monday is to give you a little spark to crush it and dominate the week. We will be creating a series of motivational wallpapers for you to set on your phone. Throughout the day when you glance at your phone and see that inspirational quote use that to spark that fire and determination deep inside you. That desire to succeed and win. Lets have an awesome Monday and make it a successful week!

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The Demand For iPhones

The demand for iPhones is crazy. People are willing to wait hours, even days to get the latest iPhone. That is what we are seeing today with the iPhone now being available on US Cellular. There are many people who are waiting 3 to 4+ hours just to get their hands on the new iPhone.

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